We invite competitive papers and posters which respond to the theme of the Conference. Conceptual, theoretical, and empirical papers, using qualitative and/or quantitative methodologies are welcome. We have identified a number of sub-themes; however, we are happy to also consider papers which are not directly related to these sub-themes but rather fit into the wider theme of the Conference. The sub-themes are as follows:

Pandemic’s Impacts and Recovery

Business continuity and growth in the era of new normal

  • Adoption of IoT and AI
  • Duty of care and obligations towards stakeholders
  • Effective working from home
  • Employee well-being
  • International business without international travel
  • Managing a negative emotional climate within workplaces
  • Supporting jobs that cannot work from home
  • Transitioning between work, life and social roles during lockdowns 


Orchestrating the recovery of organizations and supply chains

  • Countermeasures to recover from the ravages of COVID-19
  • Future of remote work and workers
  • IoT and AI
  • Opportunity to ‘build back better’
  • Readiness for a consumption rebound
  • Redeployment and re-employment of talent


New strategic priorities for navigating through the new normal

  • Business process reengineering
  • Digital retail and omnichannel strategies and capabilities
  • Fitting business operations into the ‘work-from-home’ category
  • Rapid scenario analysis capability
  • Resilience for the next global crisis
  • Social security protocols


Topics and trends emerging from the new normal

  • Adaption in the international student industry
  • Business ideas emerging out of the new normal
  • Collaboration and competition
  • Distance learning, its governance and management
  • Domestic home and office real estate markets
  • E-globalization and e-localization
  • Growth of media, film and entertainment industries
  • Human mobility and immigrant labours
  • Idled human resources, facilities and infrastructure
  • New forms of sharing economy
  • Perception of pandemic severity and vaccine hesitancy
  • Social cohesion
Big Data

• Big data for digital innovation
• Data and text mining for business
• Enterprise data lake
• Machine learning
• Prediction systems
• Social media and streaming analytics
• Urban data science

Corporate Governance, Accountability and Ethics

• Corporate governance reforms
• Cyber-surveillance
• Data privacy and cyber-security
• Economic and environmental ethics
• ESG reporting
• Ethics, law and justice
• IT governance
• Transparency and accountability

Digital Business

• Digital and data-enabled transformation
• Digital business models and ecosystems
• Digital disruption in supply chain
• Digital marketing and e-consumer behaviour
• E-business value creation
• Electronic HRM
• Future of work


• Blockchain and eSports
• Business models in eSports
• Cultures of competitive play and learning practices
• eSports ecosystem and investment
• Localisation and fan behaviour
• Statistical studies of competitive play
• Strategies for eSports development


• Application of Blockchain and DLT in financial industry
• Artificial intelligence in finance
• Digital financial literacy for the digital age
• Fintech growth and the diffusion of solutions
• Linking FinTech to RegTech, SupTech, InsurTech and WealthTech
• Open APIs and ecosystems
• Virtual banking and disintermediation

Human Resource Management

• Applications of artificial intelligence in the HR Industry
• Digital experience can contribute to a better employee experience
• Essential HR future skills
• Flexible work: the new organizational culture
• Flexible working is the new normal
• Measuring the productivity and performance of remote employees
• Physical and mental health while working from home
• Reinventing mobility
• Remote working really the future?
• Workforce trends to look out for beyond 2021

Ideation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

• Changes in business model
• Design thinking in the new normal
• Development and management of innovation hub
• Environmental uncertainty, business failure, and recovery
• Ideation, creativity and synthesis
• Innovation management
• Intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship
• Resource acquisition and support in the new normal
• Technology innovation

Innovation for Sustainability

• Consumer engagement and communication
• Green finance
• Managing sustainability with business intelligence and analytics
• Social innovation
• Sustainable HRM
• Sustainable lifestyles and circular economy
• Systems approach to sustainable value chains
• Systems thinking

Organisation Management

• Changes in leadership practices
• Diversity and inclusion
• Employee creativity in the new normal
• Employee well-being
• Work from home practices and work-family balance

Sustainable Tourism

• Carbon offsetting and aviation
• Change in tourism behaviour
• Innovation and growth in tourism
• Participatory tourism development
• Recovery strategy
• Smart tourism in city destinations
• Tourism futurology
• Tourism policy for sustainable and inclusive growth