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The Institute of International Business and Governance (IIBG) of Hong Kong Metropolitan University has been organising the Annual Academia-Industry Exchange since 2017. The conferences were widely acclaimed for their contributions to the dialogues between academia and industry practitioners, meanwhile laying down various research agendas in business innovation and sustainability. Building on the success of the past exchanges, IIBG is organising its 5th Annual Academia-Industry Exchange ‘Business as usual: How do we turn the new normal into normal?’ on 3rd and 4th December 2021 to provide opportunities for us to discuss and discover new paths to reconcile post-pandemic recovery and sustainability.

The IIBG 2021 Annual Academia-Industry comprises an academic conference and a practitioners’ symposium. The academic conference on “Business as usual: How do we turn the new normal into normal?” will be held on 3rd December 2021 and it will host competitive sessions and poster sessions. In addition, the practitioners’ symposium on “From Agility to Sustainability: Hunting Talents in the Era of New Normal” will be held on 4th December 2021. Both events will be conducted online.

Call For Papers

The disruptions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic have been unprecedented to the global economy, potentially leading to a deep and record global recession. All parties are inevitably affected but a good range of business functions have demonstrated a high degree of resilience against all the odds and have continued to evolve. While many companies have failed to maintain a healthy position despite the support of the pandemic relief schemes provided by the governments, many others have seized the opportunity to create a different type of normal to survive the economic fallout from COVID-19. Moreover, many East Asian cities have kept the virus in check without having to impose hard nationwide lockdowns. The benefits of some approaches are clear to see, why were there only a few attempts to replicate Asian responses to COVID-19 in the West? Was it the difference in culture? Was it a difference in ideologies and identities? Was it the difference in the geopolitical landscape? Why have the generalizable strategic decisions become questionably ungeneralizable? Did the East and West have different normals in the past and will the post-COVID era lead us to many different ‘normals’?

Amidst the discussion about anti-pandemic measures imposed by the governments and their adverse impacts on economies, many companies have reset priorities, devised new strategies and repositioned themselves through speeding up their digital transformation, and data-centric networking and decision making. The attitudinal change towards hygiene and cleanliness, behavioural changes in leisure and shopping, customers’ rising expectations on their experience on digital platforms have posed new challenges to the existing businesses as well as opening up opportunities for new businesses. New businesses have emerged and flourished while those which adopted a wait-and-see strategy paid the price. COVID-19 has kicked off a new business cycle and the new normal will soon become the norm. It would be of interest to both the academia and business practitioners to discover how organisations structure themselves and recast business strategy and priorities, both within and across organisational boundaries, and to embrace the new normal at various levels of their operations in order to stay sophisticated, competitive and resilient in the post-COVID-19 era.

We invite competitive papers and posters which respond to the theme of the conference. Conceptual, theoretical, and empirical papers, using qualitative and/or quantitative methodologies are welcome. We have identified a good range of sub-themes; however, we are happy to also consider papers that are not directly related to these sub-themes but rather fit into the wider theme of the conference. The sub-themes can be found here.

The conference will host both competitive sessions and poster sessions.

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